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Thank you for viewing my website. I have uploaded some of my favorite pictures to my image gallery. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for taking the time to view my work! It means the world to me to share my passion. 


Body Electric Yoga

Mind, Body, & Soul


The Man Behind the Guitar


  • Zuzel F.

    Awesome, talented, and reliable photographer. He's very versatile and creative. I used Mike from a Real Estate shooting and I was very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Images by Ace!

  • Mark H.

    Outstanding photography. I use Mike's services for business promotional shots, and I would be hard-pressed to recommend anyone else.

  • Vanessa W.

    My family had the privilege of having our photos taken by Images by Ace. I have a very rambunctious 4 year old who loves to run and Mike kept up with his energy and got amazing shots. My family and I didn't have a clue how we wanted to pose or what to do but we knew we wanted to be at the beach. Mike and Celia gave us great instruction and had the patience to shoot our wild bunch. I received my pictures the next day and my family and I were blown away. The pictures are amazing and the action shots are those of magazine quality. I would recommend Images by Ace for any type of photo shoot.

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Fun Not Your Typical Photo Shoot

This won't be the standard "hands on knees & lift your chin" session. We are going to laugh, have fun, & get the shots you deserve. Photography doesn't have to be boring. Neither does the session.

Customer Service Customer Satisfaction

Customer service isn't the forefront of my operation but my mindset. If you are not happy with your outcome, then I will do whatever it takes to rectify the issue. I won't stop until you are amazed!

Different Stand Out

I am not afraid to try new angles, take new approaches, or listen to your suggestions. You shouldn't be afraid to either. Let's work together to capture your life through inspiring images. I can't do that without your support.

Inspiration It's Never Enough

Photography has inspired me to go out & look at the world in differnet ways. It may be cliche but life through a lens is not the same as life through my own eyes. I am inspired to keep growing as an artist. 1 picture is never enough. I need your help!

Take a Moment to Read About My Recent Work Jariah Higgins Odessa Florida


This was a classic session between one artist & another. Jariah is both an amazing man & musician. He plays from the heart & I wanted my pictures to show that.

This was an amazing sunrise session in a super top secret location (an abandoned target parking lot). An artist does not make excuses. We were both up at the crack of dawn for this one!

As Jariah played, I simply shot. We both pretty much worked around each other & this allowed me to capture some really amazing moments.

If you get a chance, head on over to Jariah's youtube page. I can promise, you will not be disappointed.

Jariah's Youtube

Bard Yoga Session St. Pete Florida

This is one of those sessions that will stand out for a long time. Personally, yoga has never interested me but as a photographer, I can't limit my mind to "the norm".

With some help from a friend & a gorgeous facility like the one at The Body Electric in St. Pete, I was able to take part in a private class. What a session this was.

The class started off with some basic stretching but quickly moved to advanced positions. Things that I only witnessed in classic Kung-Fu movies... Crazy bends, hand stands, & so much more!

The course would eventually move into meditation that even from a photography standpoint, was a relaxing time. This was the first time I was able to put my silent shutter to the test!

Meet Mystique Genesis G80 3.3T Sport


When it comes to car photography, the biggest challenge was finding a car worth photographing. Once I finally got my hands on my Polar Ice G80 Sport, I had the perfect test subject.

It may be a "man" thing (as my wife calls it) but there is something about a car that only car enthusiasts really get. Much like photography, you have to have a different eye as well as a different mindset.

Cars are notorious for different angles, sharp curves, & variable personas. THe G80 sport is no exception. I now have all the time in the world to explore those variables.

The next idea I have for Mystique revolves around a chain link fence & truly showing off the animal characteristics that this big 365hp V6 Twin-Turbo has to offer. In the meantime, lookout for her in Tampa!

Discover New ways to look at life

I will never claim to be the worlds greatest photographer. I will however continue to work towards it each & everyday through determination, imagination, & the willingness to keep the art alive. Let's make art together!